Mike Marro  ||  Creative Director  ||  GT Bicycles

It has been a pleasure to have Rob's creative support over the past few months. Being the creative lead for a global brand in the action sports industry equates to a significant workload, and Rob has been my wingman since he began to work with GT. 

Rob is a true designer. He is able to jump from web design to logo design to layout and onto illustration at the flick of a switch. His process is methodical and he is not afraid to ask questions to ensure he carries out direction as requested. He has a great, easy-going personality and immediately blended in here at the office. 

I highly recommend Rob for any future endeavors. 


Charlie Scott  ||  Owner/Creative Director  ||  CSD Branding

This is my personal recommendation for Robert Hyatt. Until recently, I have been Rob’s immediate supervisor and creative director for several years. We worked closely together on all client projects and I have had the pleasure of watching him grow as an artist and learn the professional design process.

What made Rob such a valuable part of our team is his proactive and creative approach to learning new techniques, which is complemented by a tenacious work ethic. He is constantly challenging himself and others to improve; this characteristic is reflected not only at work but his in passion for adventure sports (rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, snowboarding, etc) that require a strong inner-drive to excel.

In addition to Rob’s significant influence on our creative team, his leadership and management of day-to-day workflow make him an asset for not only for his artistic talents but project oversight capabilities. As a Senior Designer he was responsible for direct communication with clients, managing the creative for multiple projects simultaneously, and overseeing the design of CSD sales and marketing collateral to support business development…in addition to all of the diverse responsibilities associated with working for as part of a small agency team.

A specific instance where Rob demonstrated a strong mastery of the creative process was in his management of a promotional poster design for The Philadelphia Wings. His execution and oversight of the project from sketchbook, to photo shoot, and through layout and production is a great example of his complete understanding of the project goal. 

Rob is creative, trustworthy, self-motivated, and artistically talented. He played an integral part in our creative process and would make a strong candidate for the position.

Tiffany Betz  ||  Product Manager of Mobile Marketing  ||

Working with Rob is always a pleasure. His keen design eye helps to make all projects run smoothly. I always appreciate how easy it is to collaborate with him on changes/mock-ups and how quickly he is able to provide assets and resources for our web projects.

Call me "Rob"

My name is Robert Hyatt, but please call me Rob. I am a graphic designer based out of the Philadelphia area specializing in brand conception, integration, and expansion. My experience has taught me the value of a well thought-out and strategic creative process to achieve any marketing team’s visions. I am very proficient with Adobe’s creative suite, making any print project easily achievable. I am also trained in the basics of the web languages HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing me to create simple digital layouts and effectively communicate with a development team.


The outdoors are where I live the best part of my life. My passion is rock climbing; it pushes my physical and mental capabilities to their absolute limit and hones my ability to act intelligently and quickly under pressure. When the weather doesn’t allow for climbing, I hit the slopes and snowboard or tear up the single track on my mountain bike.


All in all, I’m a very relatable, friendly, and cultured person. Last year I spent more than 6 months backpacking solo through South America exploring and learning. I’d be a valuable member of your team not only because of the creative and technical skills I have to offer, but also because we can have fun together tackling obstacles to achieve your brand’s goals.
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